WingDriver™ supports driver safety by avoiding accidents with next-level computer vision and AI designed for mobile-OS.

WingDriver is a B2B solution that uses computer vision and AI technology designed for smartphones and mobile operating systems to enhance driver safety and prevent accidents.

Using facial, head and eye analysis of drivers we are able to detect drowsiness and distraction and alert the driver in real-time.

How WingDriver technology works?

Frontal camera

Used for driver analysis to detect pre-sleep, distraction, stress, emotions, impairment (drugs and alcohol), fatigue and driver actions.

Back camera

Used for vehicle surroundings analysis to enable features such as tailgating detection.

GPS and accelerometer

Used to monitor both drivers and their vehicle to detect crashes, speeding, harsh maneuvers and to identify road type and for localization.

Ready to experience the future of driver understanding and safety for all drivers?

WingDriver solution is B2B, mobile SDK to monitor drivers and cloud to collect real data.

WingDriver™ SDK

Our SDK enables any organization to easily add our Safety Computer Vision and AI to their mobile apps and vehicles!

WingDriver™ Cloud

Collect valuable road data in our cloud to continuously innovate, improve and update our AI tech!

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Learn about WingDriver

WingDriver's mission is to build the best aftermarket solution for driver and vehicle monitoring! 

Started in 2021 in the USA and Portugal, the company is creating innovative computer vision tech by applying AI to a combination of facial analysis, vehicle inertial data, and the vehicle surroundings to accurately identify dangerous situations and alert drivers in real-time.

WingDriver's app for Professional drivers, Fleets, Insurance and Ridesharing is the first plug-and-play aftermarket solution for driver and vehicle monitoring! The technology is also compatible with Android Automotive.

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