WingDriver mission is to build the best aftermarket solution for driver and vehicle monitoring! 

Started in 2021, in USA and Portugal, the company is creating innovative computer vision tech, by applying AI to a combination of facial analysis, vehicle inertial data, and the vehicle surroundings to accurately identify dangerous situations.

WingDriver solutions for Professional drivers, Fleets, Insurance and Ridesharing are the first plug-and-play aftermarket solutions for driver and vehicle monitoring!

Leadership Team

André Azevedo


Electric Engineering that already founded 3 companies and have high expertise in company management and growth, specially in mobility tech startups,due to his previous company (HealthyRoad), and due to other corporate tech management positions. 

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Rui Monteiro


Masters in Electronics and Computer Engineering, with high experience in building camera-based in-vehicle sensing solutions for autonomous vehicles at Bosch innovation. Passionate about automotive, computer vision and deep learning.

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Filipe Monteiro


Experienced developer and founder. Previously built systems from the ground up until production, namely using Computer Vision and AI. Founded 3 companies, one of which, HealthyRoad, that used Deep Learning technology in the Automotive area.

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Board and Investors

Melissa Hulse


Bob Denaro


Dave Agnew


Tom Dingus


Michael O'Shea


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