Now you can prevent collisions!

WingDriver helps fleets reduce up to 50% of collisions, with real-time driver and fleetmanager alerts.

The power of video technology to protect your most important assets, your employees!

Capture and address safety risks in real-time, have a comprehensive view of your fleet, anticipate driver behavior, reduce collisions, save money and lives on the road.


Reduce crashes in 50%!

With our driver monitoring system, we alert the driver in real-time for dangerous behaviours. Before the driver causes an accident!

Increase revenue!

Better manage the driver line-up, for increased performance and safety. Deliver faster and better!

Reward safety!

Our safety score is intended to provide drivers transparency and feedback of their driving behaviors.

How WingDriver technology works?

Frontal camera

Used for driver analysis to detect pre-sleep, distraction, stress, emotions, age, gender, race, fatigue and driver actions.

Back camera

Used to monitor the vehicle and its surroundings to enable features such as tailgating, lane keeping  and braking assistance.

GPS and accelerometer

Used to monitor both driver and vehicle, to identify crashes, localization, speeding, road type and harsh maneuvers. 

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Mobile app features

Real time monitoring!

As soon as the user initiates driver monitoring, our technology will analyze data from many different sources including the camera, the accelerometer, GPS, and activity on the mobile phone.

Wake up the driver!

Our driver monitoring technology monitors the facial behaviour of the driver and if she falls asleep, the app generates audio and visual alerts to wake him up.

Monitoring and navigation!

WingDriver app has driver monitoring and vehicle monitoring tech, on top of the typical road navigation!

Saving lives detecting crashes!

The app features the detection of likely crashes. If necessary it will automatically send messages or call driver emergency contacts to request help.

Smooth installation!

WingDriver app supports the driver when installing the smartphone for adequate viewing angles.
Then it will customize the app for each driver characteristic to achieve the highest levels of performance!

Driver performance!

WingDriver Safety Score is an assessment of each driver behavior based on three main data sources, driver analysis, vehicle analysis and telematics.

Privacy modes!

Privacy is important to us.

Our consumers will opt in to desired services and data sharing options.

WingDriver Safety Score is an assessment of each driver behavior based on three main data sources:

Driver analysis

Vehicle analysis


Cloud Dashboard features

Real-time information to improve safety, increase efficiency, and preserve your assets!

WingDriver Cloud Dashboard allows the fleet manager to prioritize drivers in need and the ones that need additional training, to maximize their time and the behavior.

Identify coachable events!

Our Dashboard allow you to see what really happened, to better prioritize high-risk events. Connecting all the dots to save you time and resources.

Driver safety is key to protecting your business!

Empower and recognize your drivers to reinforce safe driving behavior and improve overall fleet safety. Start changing driver behavior today while also ensuring lasting change over the long haul.

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