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WingDriver while label app and SDK enable the creation of better insurance products or improving existing ones using WingDriver technology.

Reimagining Auto Insurance with powerful mobility insights!

Using Smartphones alone we are transforming the industry using AI, computer vision, and human-centric behavioral science.

At the core of WingDriver’s technology is a deterministic/machine-learning algorithm developed by three highly accomplished U.S. sleep researchers working in the field of transportation safety.

This proprietary algorithm, obtained through an exclusive license agreement, will provide a scientific knowledge-based foundation to the data-enabled evolution of WingDriver’s AI software.

How WingDriver technology works?

Frontal camera

Used for driver analysis to detect pre-sleep, distraction, stress, emotions, age, gender, race, fatigue and driver actions.

Back camera

Used to monitor the vehicle and its surroundings to enable features such as tailgating, lane keeping  and braking assistance.

GPS and accelerometer

Used to monitor both driver and vehicle, to identify crashes, localization, speeding, road type and harsh maneuvers. 


Keep Customers Engaged

Use our Safety Score to reward behavioral improvements and ensure peace of mind for long-term retention. The app is user-focused to deliver an engaging experience that gets drivers excited about their improvement and eager to continue engaging with the program.

Innovative Risk Segmentation and Pricing

Use data to your advantage. Price based on actual driving data, driving behaviour, fatigue levels, vehicle surroundings risks, mileage, and other risk factors. WingDriver is empowering insurance companies to use causal and controllable variables in their auto insurance pricing.

Reduce Claims Costs

Our Cloud Dashboard features instant crash detection and detailed crash information. Access to key information using WingDriver telematics, video, computer vision and artificial intelligence to spend less time collecting information and more time accurately assessing loss.


White label App

End-to-end, customizable app for the modern insurer!

WingDriver white label app has built to allow any insurer to quickly and without any effort to have his own mobile telematics and behavioral analytics product.

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WingDriver SDK

Software Development kit built for iOS and Android operative systems!

WingDriver SDK will allow any business to quickly add driver and vehicle surrounding monitoring features to their apps!

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Technology Ecosystem

Features list

Driver analysis

Pre-sleep detection

Fatigue level detection

Distraction detection

Actions detection

Emotions detection

Stress level detection

Age, gender and race detection

Face recognition

Vehicle analysis

Crash Detection

Forward collision warning

Hard braking detection

Hard acceleration detection

Aggressive turning

Unsafe following (tailgating)

Lane deviation





Travelled distance

Pavement analysis


Promoting safety

WingDriver tech allow for an assessment of each driver behavior based on three main data sources:

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